Up and running after Covid

Clinics and operating lists are now up and running but with additional safety precautions due to covid. The Royal College of Surgeons England(RCSE) guidelines have been very helpful to make sure we are being safe during covid but still able to offer assessment and treatment for patients. Mr Brewin will offer you a telephone appointment whenever possible which means fewer patients need to come to the clinic - this allows better social distancing for when you do need to be seen in person. You will be asked to wear a mask in the hospital and frequently gel your hands. 

Theatre lists are slightly reduced but we are now up and running. We are prioritising patients on clinical urgency in keeping with the RCSE guidelines. All patients coming to the hospital for an operation will be given a Covid test a few days before admission.

If you have any questions or concerns about having an operation during covid click here to see the  patient information published jointly by the various UK medical colleges.

Written by
James Brewin
Urology Consultant